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About the NECYC

The New England Christadelphian Youth Circle (NECYC) was founded to provide fellowship in a spiritual environment through study and understanding of the Truth as revealed in the Bible and to provide social activity and fellowship consistent with a life dedicated to God and in Christ.

The NECYC is made up of all CYC members from the various Christadelphian Ecclesias in New England.

We hold one study weekend a year, typically in September, for young adults age 12 and older. 

Advisors - Sis. Brietta Harper, Sis. Jen Dineen, Sis. Deb Cicero, Sis. Shauna Cannon, Bro. Nic Bartlett, Sis. Kaylyn Bartlett, Bro. Bryan Camarillo, Sis. Haleigh Camarillo

You can email us at

O God, thou hast taught me from my youth: and hitherto I have declared thy wondrous works.

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